Tooth Gems

In Sort Kat Tattoo we are lucky to have the amazing body piercer Sonia work with us. Sonia comes by Odense several times a month to do body piercings as well as tooth gems. You can book an appointment or come for a walk in.


I Sort Kat Tattoo er vi heldige at have den fantastisk dygtige piercer Sonia, der kommer her I Odense flere gange månedligt. Sonia tager imod walk in-klienter, men du kan også bestille tid til piercing eller tandsmykke hos hende.

Sonia Piercings

When is Sonia working? // Hvornår arbejder Sonia?

Sonia visits Sort Kat, Odense every Tuesday & Friday – with a few exceptions. Check Sonia’s updated schedule on Instagram, to make sure she is available. // Sonia besøger Sort Kat, Odense hver tirsdag og fredag – med få undtagelser. Tjek Sonias opdaterede skema på Instagram, for at være sikker på at træffe hende.

How to book // Sådan bestiller du tid

You can either come in as a walk in client – or book an appointment beforehand. Write Sonia a message on Instagram to book // Du kan enten komme forbi som en walk-in-kunde, eller bestille en tid på forhånd. Skriv en besked til Sonia på Instagram, for at bestille tid.

Prices // Priser:



All piercing prices includes basic titanium jewelry.

Lobe (øreflip)
– One/pair

300,- kr. / 500,- kr.

Cartilage (brusk)
– Tragus
– Anti-tragus
– Helix
– Rook
– Flat
– Forward/hidden helix
– Conch
– Daith (“migræne-piercing”)

350,- kr.


450,- kr.
400,- kr.

Paired Nostrils/brows /lips
– One side or symmetry

700,- kr.

– One / pair

450,- kr. / 800,- kr.


Consultation & Troubleshooting
– My piercing / not my piercing
Free / 100,- kr.
– Includes 1x shorter bar
100,- kr.
Jewelry styling (1 hour) Free

Jewelry change

100,- kr.

Piercing Re-opening
– not including new jewelry

100,- kr.